Scenario Editor - News, Changes, updates?


Any ideas about the future state of the scenario editor in AoE IV ?

Will there be any changes/updates considering the previous expansion scenario editor ?

What will you like to see in ?


Hard to say anything. People are more interested in game play and graphics, asymmetrical stuffs. People wants to play it.


I assume the editor will be more refined than age 2s. but noone really knows anything about it I think.


Could be interresting to have some infos about it.
Scenario editor is a big factor of game versatility and longevity (custom campaign, custom scenario, custom units, custom civs, custom map…)
If this one is a bit better than AOEII, the possibility of different content are much more important. :slight_smile:
Relying on the community to create content is a big strength.
We’ll see !

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Custom games make huge impact. People chill in TD or some other custom games.
I really want to play in TD in aoe4. In aoe2 it’s a little bit bad. But with aoe4 it could be “game inside game”.
It would be really disappointing if editor is bad.

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Game will have good scenario editor with heroes and other special stuff. No need to worry about that. Many People likes to play custom scenarios and developers will have that in mind.


It wouldn’t be an Age game if it didn’t have an editor. The devs know this so I know it’ll be there.