Scenario Editor Question : Is it possible to make non-military buildings (e.g. houses, monuments) to shoot arrows?

I want to make a scenario where a monument (that king of the hill wonder that cannot be destroyed, but can be captured) can shoot arrow(s) to help the defenders. Is that possible with DE?

This functionality would be so handy in scenarios where you want to make any building to be able to shoot arrows.

In the second Pritviraj scenario they make a wonder shoot arrows by hiding a watch tower behind it, so I guess you would need to mod the buildings for them to fire arrows by themselves.

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I like it
I know what your talking about. I dabble in the editor as well. In triggers/modify attribute I think there is an option to “fire arrows”,“smart projectiles”, or “enable ranged attack”. I tried to make siege towers ( a useless unit ) fire arrows. That would be cool right? like a moving watch tower but not as strong. However after much fiddling I could not make anything happen. I even tried it on houses but to no affect. If anyone is out there and knows stuff please tell us how these triggers work.

Unfortunately using a hidden watch tower approach is undesirable.

The reason I’m using monument, is that I want to avoid having a damagable building that can potentially sit between the defending and attacking armies that can attract some of attacking units’ fire power.

That’ what I meant: since the devs needed to use a tower it means that it’s not possible to make the wonder/monument shoot by itself, so you will need to mod the game.

Make the tower an ally to both the armies but an enemy so it shoots at them. But that sometimes makes the AI just stare at them and surround like when you convert allies in campaigns.