Scenario editor question train location builder page 2

Hello there,

I’m making a scenario and adding new buildings to the villagers UI. Concerning the trigger ‘change train location’.
I got the tradeworkshop added to the ‘builder’ on train location spot 13 which is next to the wonder on the first page.

But now i want to add it to the second page. At spot 5 of the military bulidings, to the right of the Siege Workshop and above the Bombard Tower. Normally the Donjon is there.

I have already tried spot 16, 17 en 20. Also 31 and 32 to create a third page. But none of these worked.
It seems i cannot place something in the second page when i give it to the builder.
Does anyone know how to add something to the military buildings page?

And another question: why does it not let me add Citywall to the economic building page?

Haven’t figured it out yet.
Same for the dock which also has a page 2. How do you add a unit to that second page via trigger ‘Change train location’ or ‘Change technology location’?

Maybe a Dev knows it?

villager build page is pretty much hard coded and requires changing an attribute that mdoders dont have access to unless you use genie editor. unless u can change that attribute with xs or trigger its sol

dock on the other hand also has some hard coded stuff in place but much less restriction than vill’s build page just how it is

Have you tried change train location to 25?

Huh? This always worked for me. (I think… Lemme test some things…)

edit: Strange… They must have changed something to break it… :face_exhaling:

edit: Oh… I think i recall something… Military/Economic buildings do not work in each others pages. (That was my theory anyway at the time.) That might be it.

It seems do not work.

No i haven’t been able to get it to work.