Scenario editor questions, are there scenario editor answers?

Using AoE2:DE scenario editor and I’m just trying to do 1 vs. all AI. I’ve created a map, a bunch of triggers (most restricting number of buildings they can create so there isn’t a mess of 20 archery ranges, 100 guard towers etc.) and pre built all the bases. But when I play the map, the AI don’t do squat. Like, they gather resources, one or two might make a trade cart, but they don’t even explore the map. One sent a villager around the road in one large circle but that’s it. When I attack any of them they send maybe one unit to defend and that’s it. I’ve not installed any custom AI’s, AI is selected as default in starting the game, but even changing that to other options does nothing.

All that said, every time I’ve played is on hardest or extreme difficulty. Now, BEFORE I restricted the number of things they can build they worked fine, i.e. they send units non stop, apparently tactics are not an AI thing. The limits (archery range limited to 3, barracks limited to 3, stable, monastery, siege workshop all limited to 3. Castles 6, houses 100 so everyone can get 500 pop, no docks allowed, and all towers limited to 10) and based on all that I am assuming limiting them makes them useless… Is there a way around that?

This brings me to the scenario editor questions. Is there any guide that is NOT a youtube video that explains every aspect of the editor? Like what is AI map type, how does that affect the map you are making, something that explains triggers a little better. Maybe a guide MADE by the devs of the game?

Is there a trigger or way to make, say the Trade Workshop building let any one team research tech from any other Civ. Say I want player 2 (chinese) to have access to Japanese, or Hun technology/units.

What is “Eye Candy” Maybe just me but I don’t see ANY difference with that on or off…

When I set the resources and pop limit in the editor does that over ride the options selected when starting the game? If so how do I make it so it doesn’t? Set them all to 0?

I have more, I really do but in the end some in depth guide that explains everything that the scenario editor is would be a huge help. I’ve played AoE since the beginning, but never delved too deeply into the scenario editor other than to generate random maps to have fun on. I have searched using the forums built in functions about AI map type from before and after June of 2021 and found nothing that answers that question. I took me some time just to figure out how to restrict buildings because there seems to be no answer on that anywhere either. I kept getting it close, just not right, then I found someone elsewhere that knew what I was doing wrong (own objects 3, own less objects 2 I was setting both to 3 making it still possible to build).

TL;DR, Need a complete guide on Scenario Editor that’s super in depth and explains EVERYTHING because the AI ain’t attacking.

Determines what map the AI thinks it’s meant to be playing. These are all RMS settings that make it behave like a random map.

Yes, learn to write a custom AI script. Here’s the AI scripter Discord: AI Scripters

Yes, use the enable technology trigger to enable it for them, and the change research location to move it to the Trade Workshop.

When you draw grass terrain with eye candy on, it’ll automatically scatter grass objects on it, turning it off just places the terrain only. Same goes for things like dirt terrain and dead plants, and jungle + jungle plants.

One by the devs doesn’t exist to my knowledge. That said, here’s what you’re looking for: Steam Community :: Guide :: SpoOky's Guide To Triggers and More! (DE Version)

I’ll add that most, if not all, civ bonuses are techs (team bonuses aren’t techs), which means that using AGE you can research bonuses of a civ for another civ. Like, you can make Byzantines have the Roman bonuses, for example.

In addition to this, you can check out how do campaign scripts work

As usual, don’t be afraid to ask anything.

Edit: while we are at it, what are doctrines? I know goals are a way to store values and events are like facebook pokes, but with Scenario triggers and AIs.

First, thank you for the answers! I Don’t mind being bum rushed by AI (it is the the point of the map) but I just don’t get why they won’t do it unless I let them build a million of the same building causing nothing but choke points and then yo have 70 trade carts all stuck in a path of trees with no way around because they built 20 lumber camps that aren’t being used. Should maybe create a trigger that destroys un-used building after say 5 minutes of game time. Hmm, Is that possible? lol

OK, so AI map type doesn’t contribute to their tactics? or lack of intelligence?

Learn to write AI script? Man I don’t even write English well enough and you want I should learn scripting! I guess I could try haha, but it’s not gonna be pretty! Do you have ANY suggestions of AI mods that could work for this? I mean, The already sneak past the build limits by placing 2 or more of the same foundations at once. I’m OK with that as there isn’t 20… 4-5 is better than twenty!

I did figure out the other civ tech, but did not figure out how to make the trade workshop do it, so thank yo for that as well. A follow up on that part though, when other tech is researched it over rights the main civ’s tech. Say, Teutonic Knight ends up being replaced by Samurai. I it’s not possible to keep them separate that’s fine, was just an idea I had for 2 of the AI.

Eye candy makes sense now why I haven’t seen anything. I have the useless plant remover, have removed it after reading this.

I’m amazed that a guide written by the people that made the game don’t exist. I mean being able to edit and create maps in finer details, with explanations on all the triggers even with a couple of examples would have gone a long way. Especially in a game that gives you such a compete tool built in for the creation of said maps.

Anyway, thank you again. If I have more I’ll come here to ask it. Of course I will search as much as I can first. The number of years the game has existed makes wading through useless posts even more infuriating.

I just want them to have their units mainly the look of them. (and their individual stats) Having Samurai and Shakra ring blade things throwers (forgot their names lol) fighting side by side or Teutonic Knights and Samurai.

Anyway after all this, the AI are just being petulant. If I remove the triggers limiting their # of buildings, they work fine. Limit them, and they don’t do squat but farm, gather resources and that’s it. Even if I send only like 10 units to attack they MIGHT train one of their unique castle units at a time to fight back but that’s it.

This is on highest difficulty too.

This is perfectly doable. I have scenarios were the AI trains mangudai and tarkans.

With AI scripting you can limit the amount of buildings and units the AI can train.

Also, check the official AI scripting document in the Docs/All folder in the Game folder

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Can the same be done with the t. knights and samurai? When I tried to allow the research the samurai replaced the t. knights. I’m assuming because both are castle tech? Or is it as simple (or even possible) as placing a Japanese castle in a Teutonic civ.?

That will take some time for me to learn, if I have the patience for that… Is there an AI mod already in existence you could recommend? One that if not perfect to what I need is close so that I could use it for reference points and or modify it?

Maybe you changed the location of the Samurai to the same spot of the TK. Try changing it to the square 4

Check the campaign AI’s . They are self explanatory

No, I didn’t change anything on squares? I’m not even sure how that’s done. I just allowed the tech to be researched. I’ve not changed which building the tech can be researched at either, haven’t had a chance to try that stuff out yet or figure out how to do it :smiley:
Gonna load the game now though and see what I can figure out.

You have to change train location for units or research location for techs, otherwise they’ll overlap their icons

Edit: this is not necesary in the case of the AI if you want them to train UU’s from the castle. However, it beco1es necesary again if you want the AI to, let’s say, train Imperial Legionaries from the barracks.

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Ohhh, OK. Sweet. Thank you for this. I’m going to start a whole new map from scratch and learn as much as I can about AI. Before I dive into making/programming my own AI is there any premade AI mods that you guys can recommend? I’ll need SOMETHING that actually allows the AI to attack and get over the limitations.

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I feel I’m being annoying but I have a mod, Coming of the huns, that includes the AI files. Check the Coming _2_DE.per file, in which the AI trains both tarkans and mangudais

Why would you feel that your being annoying? If anyone should feel that way it’s me. I’m the one buggin you guys lol I think I found the mod, but it says AoE1? Will it work for two?

Because I spam this mod every other thread.

If it’s my mod, it’s the Coming of the huns AoE 1, OG and DE scenarios, ported to AoE 2. The description should start with something like "Panonioa, some year. The huns ### ################

OK, I got it. Be a day or so till I try it out. I will let you know and leave a rating etc. I have one of those attention spans that has me skipping about project to project. Trying to mod an android app now lol

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OK, so good news is it works… Somewhat. I get more action out of the AI than I did before anyway. Is there a way I can send you the map? Would it include all the triggers if I did?

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