Scenario Editor Real World

In a Standard Game, you can choose to play on Real World maps but in Scenario Editor, these maps do not exist (unless I am blind and just cannot find them). I think the current Real World maps should be available in Scenario Editor along with a few new maps to toy with. My suggestions would be:

Europe: It would consist of the bottom 1/4th of Britain, France, and would stretch out to the western edge of Ukraine. The most top part would be where the modern day border of Germany and Denmark is. The bottom would be where modern day France has its border with Spain, where Italy just begins its peninsula, and where modern Hungary meets Romania.

Spain: The whole country of Spain, Portugal, and the tip of Africa that is just across the Strait of Gibraltar.

Ireland: The whole country of Ireland. Not much more to say.

If we can have a Real World map of Texas floating in the ocean, we can have these three maps.


It would be good if the Real World Maps can be made in Gigantic or Ludikrous size to capture more of the landmass.