Scenario editor smoke/(bon)fire/seagulls/butterflies visual bug

Game Version: AOE 2 Definitive Edition

  • Build: 4714640
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Not sure what is meant with this.


In the editor I can see the smoke, fire and seagulls, but once loading in a test game or in a multiplayer game it is not there, also there is no smoke comming from the blacksmit.
The settings were at the highest possibility.

Reproduction Steps:

As described above.

Extra info:

  • The wood of the bonfire does spawn.
  • The butterflies of the fruit bush also does not spawn.
  • No mods are enabled to remove gaia objects or any kind.
  • Also tested with Enhanced Graphics Mod enabled, same results.
  • Structures do catch fire when damaged.

In editor (fire and smoke).

In test mode.

Hopefully this is enough info.
I will create another topic with trigger related bugs, as these were all visual bugs I think it’s no problem if I group them together?
Hopefully they will get fixed soon, it’s the details that make a certain scenario so much better, but a lot of triggers don’t work or are unexplained on how to apply them imho.


I’ve experienced something similar on a map i’m working on.

Do you happened to have many fire / smoke effects on the same map ? In mine, after 130 added fire effects, they all disepeared.

Hope we can help each other, but it seems that there’s a hard cap on the amount of effects we can place in a single map.

Thanks for the reply, and yeah I had a LOT of effects unfortunatly (smoke over houses to create the idea that there is someone home, more life in a town by using triggers to make people walk to the market, repair animation at a blacksmit etc.)

Still the scenario is the part that I love the most, but I haven’t even touched it again after finding out it is so bugged, I was really disapointed, all the hard work to finally realize that the most important things weren’t even working :frowning:.