Scenario Editor Start Position/Flag?


I’m designing a custom scenario, but I can’t figure out how to set the start position. I placed town centers for each player, but it doesn’t spawn any of the starting units. Is there a way to tell the scenario to place Player 1 and their starting units at a specific location?

(I’ve found references through my google searching to a Team Start Flag several times, but I can’t find anyone or any video that says where it is or how to use it… It’s just mentioned by name and that’s it)

Also, is there a way to make the scenario respect the starting resources that is set from the game lobby? By default every player starts with 0 of every resource… But if in the Lobby, I have it set to use the “Standard” starting resource amount… I want my scenario to respect that so that you could say also start with “low” resources…

I don’t want to make a Random Map Script for this specific map because I want the map to be laid out in a specific way that I may not be able to guarantee using a Random Map Script.

Edit: The reason I want a start position flag is because some civs like Chinese start with extra villagers and fewer resources, and some civs start with a llama, and some start with an Eagle Warrior instead of a Scout Cavalry…

Edit 2: I managed to get all the civilizations that need special starting units or resources to work using 56 triggers. 1 for each player (8 total) for each of the 7 civilizations that have some sort of modified start. (IE, Incas Aztecs Mayans starting with an Eagle Warrior instead of a Scout Cavalry…)

What conditions did you use in your triggers? Especially for the Incas I cannot figure this out.

Edit: I figured it out, use the research technology trigger, since each civ has their own technology with the same name as their civilization.