Scenario editor : Where change the unit production?

Hello guys,

Imagine i want create musketeer from my houses, is it possible? I don’t found any trigger effect to realise that :frowning:
I didnt see it in modify protounits
Can you help me please :slight_smile: ?

Hello, unfortunately that is indeed not possible with triggers.

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The effects basically can only use preset stuff ( techs from the techtree )

(Shameless self promotion) If you need only for enemies to create units in other places, you could try a trigger mod that deploys units nearby buildings and use other triggers to control them.

If you need the human player to train musketeers at houses, you can use additive mods to create a tech that adds a train location in houses for musketeer. Search for effect addTrain

I don’t understand, you mean i can create a trigger myself?
Or i need create mod to play with this mod in the scenario?

Triggers are an implementation of game functions.

You can create triggers yourself but they need to use the game functions, but as the game doesn’t have a function that changes train location, you can’t create a trigger that does that. Check out pftq advanced triggers and Mythic freak function compilation. Triggers don’t interfere with multiplayer, neither in 3 DE, CC or AoM/AoT. Remember that AoM and CC use the same engine.

A tech mod would probably be easier to make, if your intention is to make the human player to be able to train units

Mythic Freak code reference
Advanced triggers set by pftq
Fruit triggers set by me

I have only found triggers tutorials for the scenario editor, but not tutorials to CREATE custom triggers. If you have CC try to take a look to the typetest.xml file there is in the trigger3 folder and see how they work. My triggers code is a little more complex, but not too much, so you can still learn, though if you only want enemy units to be trained from other buildings, you can use those in your scenario and it will LOOK as if they were created in other buildings