Scenario Triggers

How advanced will the trigger system be for scenarios? Will we be able to do lots of crazy things like in AOE2 DE. Add population (more than standard) make technology/unit available. Spawn unit, teleport unit. Tribute resources.

Will the scenario editor be user-friendly like AOE 2? Or will it be some ridiculously over-complicated mess?

We don’t know yet. Developers very rarely reply here so we have to wait and see.
You can take a look at the Company of Heroes 2 editor because that is likely the closest you can get to the upcoming AoE4 editor.
Maybe they will make the AoE4 editor a bit more user-friendly.
You can also probably see in the AoE4 campaign how much is possible (we both haven’t played that yet)

I personally don’t think the AoE2DE editor is user friendly though.
Working with triggers is still very slow and inefficient compared to AoE3DE for example.

But what I do hope is that those scenarios work in multiplayer too.
AoE3DE has the problem that some very useful triggers are not multiplayer compatible but the game doesn’t tell you.

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You think there will be a Trigger System added?