Scholar creation to mosque with relique will mark new relic pick up

2 Mosques 1 relic .
Mosque A has Relic inside and is Garrisonable
Mosque B is targeting and creating a scholar
Once Scholar is created and goes to Mosque A , instead of garrisoning scholar picks up relic. This will create " A relic instance"

My ending screen showed 13 relics picked up.

I dont know if you can look at replays for player but you can check tenchisawada vs stormkeeper

Hey @dnguyendevop878! There is a stat tracking bug where one can take a Relic out of a Mosque, place it back in, and it’ll mark it as another Relic captured in the post-game stats. Is this what you’re seeing?

I want to make sure you’re not seeing Relics actually become duped where you can deposit and get additional gold trickle.