Score statistics incorrect

Since there is no official explanation on how the player score and individual score categories are calculated, one can only speculate and use common logic to judge whether the player scores displayed at the statistic screen at the end of the game are correct or not.

I frequently noticed that Delhi players have a very low technology score, which might have to do with the unique technology research mechanic. However, it seems that this issue is not the only issue with score calculation.

I include a screenshot of the economy score screen of the latest 3v3 match I played. As you can see, the red player has more than double the Total economic score of the green player - even though the green player collected a lot more resources in total. The food number for red is not displayed completely due to exceeding 5 digits (another issue on its own), it is a 6 digit number and thus the food difference between red and green is about 13k, not a lot compared to the difference in the other resources.

You can also see that the yellow players score is about half of the purple players score while having a higher number in every single column of this table.

Judging by this my conclusion is that the score calculation must be severely bugged.

The scoring stats at post game screen defs needs updating. Would like to see stats for number of TCs and when additional TCs were built. Also how much gold was obtained from relics, miners, trade units, sacred sites, trading resources at market, etc. Would be so amazing to be able to click on a resource and have a full breakdown, or click on ‘army’ and have breakdown of the resource value of army, etc.

If it’s anything like AoE2, then the amount of resources someone has hoarded at the end is the deciding factor. It’s either 10% or 20% of that amount, so maybe yellow had spent a lot of it in military and tech. But, there is no doubt some of the score metrics are bugged or unintuitive.

Thank you, all! Some fixes on how score is calculated are forthcoming.