Scorpion as an anti armor unit

I purpose giving scorpions +4 damage vs Ships +2 damage vs siege and an additional +2 damage vs elephants.


It’s overall nice, nothing too gamebreaking, would add a nice dimension to Scorpions.

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Main problem onscorpions is their range. The y are supposed to counter range units but perform as a soft counter at best in this field. Against british archers, they are not even a counter at all. They are expensive, damn slow and need an own expensive building in CA to create. For theese downsides, they need a compensation. It has a reason why they are barely used. Historic scorpions ofter had 2 timed the range of archers. Ofc scorpions with double range would be op, but a range increase is would be the only argument for them to find use. Until then, mangonal makes scorpions pointless in most games.


Age 4 showed the danger of high range scorpions (springalds)


This would make an interesting ut for someone.

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maybe instead give them +3 to rams

Giving them +1 range for both scorp and heavy scorp would maybe make them too strong, but idk. Maybe on Heavy scorp gain +1 range.

Fair point but Aoe2 but scorpions do not have 100 accuracy and the dev already have plans to nerf the springald

AoE2 scorpions do have 100% accuracy, they just don’t have any kind of ballistics.


By 100 percent accuracy I’m mean projectiles home onto their targets, making archer micro irrelevant.

Like the Onager upgrade, Heavy Scorpion upgrade should give +1 range so that Onagers are about the same in countering Heavy Scorpions as Mangonels vs. normal Scorpions.


Im not sure I would like to face Khmers with 10 range scorps


which match up are you worried about? They kill mangonels in 8 shots as opposed to 10 consider that mangonels can flatten multiple scorpions in one shot I think this is justified. Bombard cannons have 4 more range and can also flatten scorpions. scorpion duel are rare and siege tower are irrelevant. This leaves the UU’s the Hussite wagon, Organ Gun, and the ballista elephants. Hussite wagons die in 36 shots instead of 50 which If anything wagons should be more vulnerable to Scorpions. Organ guns currently soft counter scorpions and scorp v organ guns is a rare enough matchup that +2 damage would not matter too much. Ballista elephants would take 4 extra damage which might be an issue

Liereyy: Challenge accepted.

Ok, because for an AoE2 player, 100% accuracy means it always hits a stationary target at max range, rather than AoE4 homing missile style.

They already have +2 to rams, and it doesn’t seem to do much. You would need a lot of scorpions to prevent a single ram from breaking through a wall. I’m not opposed to making this +3, it just might not change anything.

As for a bonus vs siege weapons, it wouldn’t do much vs Onagers or Cannons, the Scorpions will lose this fight regardless due to their additional range and area damage. It could be interesting to see Scorpions killing trebuchets, which is difficult with their 150 Pierce Armor. You get a little of this for free with the ram change, since unpacked trebs have the ram armor class.

As for other Siege, the change would make Scorpions better against Hussite Wagons and Organ Guns. I’m not sure OG need any nerfs, but allowing Scorps to counter wagons makes sense. I’d prefer to see this implemented by adding the ram armor class to Hussite Wagons (which would also give units like Conquistadors some bonus damage against them).

Lower their base damage to 11, heavy scorp base damage to 15, but now they ignore armor.
Finally a use for heavy scorps too, as we never see that unit besides with Khmer.

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They are seen more often in higher elo games. They are much harder to dodge than onager shots. Mass scorpions even fight cavalry well.

Bypassing armor for all scorpions is probably not a good idea. Maybe it can be for one newly introduced civs which has poor archer and focused on siege.

In Castle age organs beat scorpions. In imperial age thought with 20+ units, my money is on the heavy scorps.

I would liek to see scorps getting more anti Elefant bonus

I would lower it further but that is a good direction for a redesign

I know they are, but heavy scorps we never see, and normal scorps we only see because they have 7 PA and work better against cav archers. Their use against normal archers is substitutable.

Also the ignore armor thing could be a UT for some civ, as it mostly has use against infantry and archers. So if a civ is bad at dealing with that, could be an option.

One that lategame plays into halb bbc scorpion.