Scorpions attack ground

Any chance scorpions will get attack ground command with some mechanism for prevent them gaining arificial range without hitting unit on the actual range line? So they would be seen more in castle age instead of mangonels?


so would it only do damage up until the point you clicked? like how the mango loses some aoe damage with attack ground?

i think its a fair idea

yes. now i am watching the old SOTL video about scorps, now i think the minimum range should also have no damage with attack ground (AoE2 Scorpions - YouTube), so in the end, attack ground would damage from third tile to max range tile and maybe when hitting some units, also make little damage (less then the current half of regular attack) to units beyond the max range. And now i think it is too difficult and compicated to implement :smiley: Too many conditions to consider.
And i dont even know, does a scorp do damage to units beyond range, when it miss the targeted unit?

Yeah, attack ground for scorpions isn’t useful at all, at least with the current mechanics. It’s something I tried for a civ design, but basically it ends up shortening the effective range such that it’s never actually worth using. By default the passthrough damage ends where you click as well, and scorpion bolts are too slow and low damage for it to have anywhere near the utility of mangonel line attack ground. Even on a civ with some scorpion buffs (faster projectiles, lower frame delay), it just wasn’t worth having attack ground.


I think Scorpions is just not useful but not the attack ground, but just the unit itself

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