Scots accent

I read the PC Gamer review, and in it the re-seeding of farms was cited as the greatest QoL revision in the updated version.

However, I personally rate much higher your actually hiring someone who is, or at least sounds good enough to fool a scot, actually scottish. I still remember the original having the worst scottish accent in the history of gaming, and you’ve finally set things to rights!

So a heartfelt thank you from the depths of darkest Scotland! :slight_smile:

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Hey, at least the original voice actor could actually, you know, ACT!

His accents were all terrible, including the fake Arabian accent, the fake French accent, etc. but he could actually emote. The new Scottish VO sounds like he’s being forced to read a script.

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All the new voice actings are like that. And in English you are lucky enough to have accents. In French we used to have them in AoK and AoC, but now it is just some random reader. I just don’t get it. Is it out of laziness? Political correctness? I would think laziness overall, as there is no emotion whatsoever, which is a bit insulting to the emotion the fans had playing the campaigns.

Heh, I absolutely appreciate your point.

However, it was impossible for me to appreciate the quality of the original’s acting due to it’s being drowned out by the sound of my own brain screaming ‘OHNOGODNODOWRONGBADWHATTHEHELLISTHATSUPPOSEDTOBEOHNOSOSOWRONG’ anytime there was speech during the william wallace campaign.

I’m pretty used to, and generally very forgiving of, the scots accent being mangled in popular culture (a hearty hello to groundskeeper willy, brigadoon and whatever scotty from star trek was), and I get that it’s probably a difficult one to get right but I still remember wincing so hard playing the original that I nearly fell off my seat :wink:

tl;dr you’re probably right, but still, THANK YOU to the devs for the new audio :wink:

The old ones were much better!