Scout animation cancel/animation bug

Animation canceling with Scout is not possible anymore.

The way they patched the animation canceling also results in an animation bug.
After every single shot on a deer the scout T poses.


Hey @Keempf! Are you seeing this with a specific civ?

Happens to all civs and all scouts

I’m not seeing this on my end. Not saying I don’t believe you, just need more info :blush:.

Are you in a particular game mode? Map? Steam or MS Store?

Doing anything other than selecting a Scout and right-clicking on a deer?


Every gamemode on every scout.

Scouts can’t animationcancel anymore and they T pose after shooting their bow really often.

What should I say?
That’s how it is and my prestack group has the same.

Maybe different graphical settings/options could be causing the different experiences? I noticed that Scout animation canceling no longer works, but I did not see the T pose. I have everything maxxed out graphically.

Just trying to offer another reason why people are seeing different things. I don’t doubt you.

this happens on all civs, the scout has no transition animation and just Tpose I have also seen wolf not looping attacks animation properly.

@Keempf @TheFibrewire Would you mind contacting support here with a summation of your issue and your DxDiag? Thanks!

Graphics all on high, physics low

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That’s the old animation-canceling.
This doesn’t work anymore, which is part of the report here.

Thanks @Keempf! This is not what we would consider a T-Pose, but the video helps. I’ll take this to the team. Appreciate it!


this video was before Tpose, now Tpose is there in the game after yesterday;s patch as this glitch was removed, unable to get a Tpose video.

Oh cm’on… ofc that’s a T-pose.

Just bite the bullet on this one.

How is this “not considered a T-Pose”?

And always glad that I can help.


For mounted units a true t-pose would basically place him within the horse. This looks to be more of an animation tick than anything else. But we’ll look into it—no need to split hairs either way, I just didn’t know what I was looking for. Thanks!


The patch specifically says they fixed the animation canceling. You aren’t supposed to be able to do it. Although it seems they did not fix it for all units.

I also would not consider that a t-pose, since that’s not what a t-pose is.