Scout rush is simply insane - Lakota

Today i played a team game with Ottos vs Lakota, and i was surprised when my mass of Janissaries was eaten alive by a bunch of scouts that came out of nowhere. It was insane

I walled of and started massing again. Killed a lot of them. When i was pushing again they simply destroyed my walls and wrecked my base in what? 30 seconds… Did anyone also experienced this?


Saw one mate do it, insane and entertaining, wasn’t this topic kind of addressed in the recent patch or the one before?

Why use skirmishers to counter jans, when you can use scouts…

No scouts were not addressed in the patch. I didnt even knew about this OP unit.


Op early but yeah saw it was incredibly strong like war dogs on steroids and in human form

They also have 200 HP in 2ages. It’s like cheap Mamluk spam. Therefore, quick action must be taken.

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You’re not the first one to post this. The people who know about Scout Rush clearly know what they are doing. Its quite obvious this unit is overpowered. But so far the devs refuse to take action…

Please keep talking about Scout massing, maybe one day the devs will nerf it.


Way back in the TWC there was a similar problem with the Unit Agents.

You make spies, card uprgraded them to agents the punched buildings to the ground at a ridiculous speed.

Their siege was then reworked and nobody ever played that strat.

You cannot change the siege part to due the dance, so there are two choices here. Either limit the number of scouts (like aztec eagle scout or spanish war dog) or make them vulnerable (counterable), or nerf their attack/hp to units so that they can still be massed and siege, but when facing units they would lose.


I think this is an interesting tactic.
Developers should weaken rather than ban so that this tactic can still be executed

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Or even delay it somehow, like making the cards upgrades into 2 cards

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