Scout sheep bug still a thing, aka the game can't process queue linked objects

So if I send out a scout and I queue up movements and bring back a herd of sheep, clicking the TC/gathering station to bind the sheep to that instead of the scout usually does not send all of the sheep. My assumption is that this is the same/a similar thing that makes it so you can’t queue priest relic drop offs.

Scout: the sheep have not been picked up (yet) so the queue can’t signal the new sheep to switch to a building, if this is the cause then you need to add a check that occurs at every queued point where a refresh is done of whatever variable is tracking this.

I imagine if this was done priests can be queued to pick up and drop off relics at the drop-off point. But considering we can’t right-click the building before holding a relic I assume this was on purpose. It seems to mess up scouts as well though.

I do believe sometimes manually clicking with the scout also has him keep a few sheep though, but again I think there’s something broken with the queueing system that causes these sheep to go invisible to the game to some extent. Please fix, this has been a consistent issue