Scouts should get +.2 speed in feudal age

currently scout calvary have a base speed of 1.3 and gain a +.25 speed boost in feudal age and beyond giving them effectivly 1.55 speed. however the light cav and hussar only have a speed of 1.5 this is one the extremely rare instances when upgrading your unit makes it worse. i propose nerfing the speed boost from feudal age to +.2 speed. this would balance things out while also slightly nerfing the feudal age scout rush. scouts are the best unit in feudal age anyway and i think an incedental nerf to their speed would be fine.


No, they’re not (20 char)

they 100% are. the only reason you see archers is because they are good in castle age. in a full feudal war you see almost entirley scouts


we could argue maa are the best unit in feudal

either way i dont think scout speed is that much of an issue…

Sure, let’s just make the men at arms into archers opener even more popular then it already is. why not.

Yeah why not, have barely seen it in redbull anyway. Who still plays rm

0.05 doesn’t change anything. You should already have learned that. Scout isn’t OP by the way. 80 food unit in feudal age have to be at least strong and scout barely meet the need.

Paladin also attacks 0.1 slower (Paladin has 1.9 ROF, Cavalier 1.8) - but thats probably due to balance.

For open maps that’s completely irrelevant imo especially as you don’t see light cav in castle age very often (maybe with Turks or Indians here or there). The only instance where it actually can make a difference is arena. One player goes relic control with light cav and the other doesnt. The latter player’s scout is a tiny bit faster than light cav so their scout can run from them which is actually quite nice for arena balance. So I don’t see a reason to make them same speed.