Screen Capturing the original Age of Empires (1997)

Recently I put some new hardware into my PC to use OBS. I noticed when playing original AOE1. The game wouldn’t capture on OBS either screen capture or game capture. I did find out I was able to capture Rise of Rome using Upatch which allowed me to change it from full screen to windowed mode.

Is there a way to configure the Original AOE1 to launch in windowed or is there a Patch/source port that has this feature?

I wish to make a video of AOE1, RoR and DE at some point.

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Iirc you can’t add OG AoE 1 as a Window or Game Capture in OBS but rather have to do it via recording the entire screen. That’s at least how I did with my AoE video.


sorry for the late reply. I figured it out when recording it in OBS. I had to match the resolution of the game for OBS to capture and used the entire screen option.

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