Screen Resolution AoM T&D not working in FHD

Dear Community,
since last AoM T&D update my screen resoltuion doest work in FHD. Game starts in FHD, but if the single player game for example is started the game is not in FHD. I resintalled the game, checked driver and windows updates, forums but nothing fixed the issue. Does anyone has same problem or can help me?
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX1060
DirectX: 12
OS: Win 10 Prof. 64Bit
newest patches driver updates, etc

I installed windows 10 complete new and checked update, driver etc, but same failure. So I think its a bug in the game.

As far as i can say from the screenshot there is no issue. Tho i always suggest turning off V-Sync.

Back with AoM non EE you could add a user.cfg in the startup folder with the following 2 lines: “xres=1920” and “yres=1080”, without quotes, each on its own line. I don’t know if it works in EE but it may be worth to try.

Also from the screenshot you took we can’t really tell if the game actually runs in FHD, you may want to take a screenshot using F12 and checking the size afterwards (or use Ctrl-Shift-S or Alt-Stamp to take a full screen snip).

Thanks. Workarround has solved my problem.