Screen won't maximize on launching of game

This morning when I’ve gone to try to play AOE4 the screen doesn’t seem to maximize. No changes to my computer since last gameplay. Once launched and entering game mode, the mouse will not scroll the screen downwards, works fine up/side to side. It appears the Outer window border is visible on the top but I can’t maximize, resize the window to make any changes. Rebooted the computer, no change. Screencapture image uploaded

Sorry fixed this. In settings I went to Borderless Full-Screen and it has fixed the problem, however I never changed this setting before to ‘Windowed’ game play. Weird

You are not crazy and should not be sorry. It is a bug I face from time to time as well.

The game is set to borderless or exclusive full screen, and once out of 10 or 20 times, it launches in windowed mode.

It mostly happens when your game resolution is set to anything other than your Windows resolution. In my case I have a 4k monitor but run the game at 1440p.