Scrollbar in the Technology Tree

Hello!! One of this days I was playing AOE II DE and when I tried to use the Technology Tree, I discovered that the new scrollbar inserted in the bottom of TT doesnt move or interact with the scroll boton of my mouse. I wonder if this simple change wouldnt make more easy to navegate in the Technology Tree. I am new in this forum and just want to set here my contribution too this game that is from my childhood and I love soo much. Thank you!!!


In Addition to that I would also like some markers that allow fast scrolling to certain buildings on the scrollbar. Just that you dont need to jump there and here to finally find the building you are looking for

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Somebody proposed the “go to hotkeys” long ago

The Tech Tree interface needs a complete rework.

Drop down menu of the civs is horrible UI.
Scrolling to the right is horrible UI.
Information is missing on units.

Would be nice to see a full overhaul soon.

I would like to see tabs in tehnology tree, which will move view to relevant section. For example - town center, barracks, castle, etc.