Scutage and karambit warrior

  • Scutage: Upon researching, each team member receives a one-time payment of 15 gold for each military unit that they own

Karambit warrior takes half population…

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Not talking about population.

But when one Karambit died it count as a loss and a kill, not half loss and half kill.

My point was every Karambits costs just 25 food when this researched. But this tech unfortunately, single time use.

My point is, you can have 60 villagers and 280 karambits.

That is a lot of gold!

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The Karambit buff we needed :smiley:


And karambits cost 15 gold… So you can replace them upon dying again!

Karambits aren’t very good in general and even less so in team games, so they likely aren’t the best way to use this tech. Sure, once your ally gets it all the gold you spent on creating karambits is refunded, but it’s still just an army of karambits… If scutage is worth using (ie.if it’s not outclassed by trade) then a Malay player would be better of using it to help building an army of arbs or even elephants.

Send them to die and replace them with elephants using the new gold

:man_facepalming: Each karambit costs 15 gold, so if you just send one wave of karambits then sends eles, all you have done is waste time on karambits and left time for the enemy to scout your new army.

Karambits will be like swarms. Think like they are disgusting little creatures harms your army and your economy. And doesn’t cost gold for a time.

You can use this to increase the lag for your advantage


“Lag hack!” — SC2 diamond player. :rofl: