Sea Gate Castle Bug when Landmarks destroyed

The Sea Gate Castle bonus appears to disable when any Landmark is destroyed, not just the Sea Gate Castle. IE. The main Town Center being destroyed removes the bonus from the Sea Gate Castle.

Additionally, I’ve had a game where I was able to obtain the bonus before even reaching Imperial Age by repairing one of my destroyed Landmarks.

Should be a fix coming for this one!

Could you go into more detail here?

Thanks for the reply.

I have been able to reproduce the 2nd bug mentioned using the following steps:

  • Start a Skirmish game as Ottomans with Cheats enabled
  • Enter ‘inna jiffy’, ‘another cup’, and ‘smorgasbord’ cheats to speed up test
  • Build either Age 2 Landmark and advance to Feudal Age
  • Build either Age 3 Landmark and advance to Castle Age
  • Build a Keep, Market, and produce a Trader from the market
  • Move trader near the Keep and observe its status – The trader is not currently benefitting from the Sea Gate Castle buff
  • Use the ‘this is fine’ cheat to burn down one of your landmarks.
  • After the Landmark has fully burnt down and been destroyed, fully repair the Landmark using villagers
  • Observe the Trader as the Landmark becomes fully repaired – Once fully repaired the Trader will benefit from the Sea Gate Castle buff, despite still being in the Castle Age
  • Redestroying the Landmark will once again remove the Sea Gate Castle buff
  • This process can be repeated indefinitely, with the Sea Gate Castle buff restoring any time all Landmarks are alive
  • This works for all Landmarks, including the Istanbul Observatory

I have tested with all Feudal and Castle Age Landmark choices, and in a controlled environment with no other units, building, technologies, or Vizier upgrades taken aside from those mentioned in the steps above. I have also tested without using cheats against an Intermediate AI with the same results.