Sea walls .. Are they coming to DE?

I remember seeing one of the pre-release images containing sea walls. I thought this would come in the new DE edition. This would have been a great addition to the game.

Why would you be able to wall in vills and not fishing boats. Fishing boats cannot be garrisoned too making the whole sea economy very fragile

The only way to protect fishing boats has only been by controlling the sea. And when sea control is lost you’d most probably lose the entire game as you’d fall behind in eco.

I believe adding this would make sea maps more appealing to land map players

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Because age of empires 2 DE is not trying to change the game fundamentally.

This would be something you could suggest for future games.

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I don’t believe this would change the game fundamentally.

There were alot of stuff that were added through out the years, like palisade gates for example. New units like steppe lancers, new researches like arrow slits and a castle unique tech for each civ.

Nothing in which changed the game mechanics, just added more depth.

I believe that was a scenario-editor thing only.

Sea walls were in the original game too. Used in scenario editor and I believe some campaign levels