Search all militars units hotkey when press two times should change to the other 50 units militars

sometimes i want to find a unit, but if i press hotkey to select all my militars unit i can only see 50

as you see on th eimage, i cannot select on the image the units that i was searching
that were these

it would be good if i press search all militar hotkey, it shows the other 50 militar units, because i press it again but nothing happens, and i cant find the rest of my units quickly

I hope they can increase the limit of selection, but if they won’t, you can try this:

Use “Find All Military” hotkey to select your first 50 units, and use “Find All Idle Military” hotkey to select another 50 units!

You can also use “Move All Military Units” Hot key to assemble all of your units!

Don’t forget to customize the “Find All Infantry”, “Find All Cavalry”, and “Find All Artillery” Hotkeys! They are super powerful!

The devs really did a great job about these hotkeys!..I even stop using the seletion group hotkeys anymore! :laughing::joy: :rofl: All the other RTS games should come to learn this! :+1:

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i think using find all infatery i can find them like that (if they are less than 50 lol)