Searching for a map/scenario

Hey guys,
when i was a boy my friend and I got AoE from another friend and played it for weeks till he needed to bring it back and i bought my own copy. Then we played again for years…
BUT on the old version from his friend was this ONE MAP we played again and again and again. I want to find this map again. I don’t know which version of the game it was. I think it was a Demo because always the same “random map” looks like a Demo for me. I also think it was in 1997/1998, so without RoR.
On my search i played all the scenarios/campaigns from the Original and RoR and the Demos of the Original AoE and RoR, but haven’t found it yet. In the Demos i found i could not play random maps either.

So i drawed the map i am searching for:

I think there were 4 islands, maybe a 5th in the middle. There were shallows between the islands.
We always started as blue on the top left island. We were noobs, so till we got some buildings up the enemys were coming for us. One of the enemys came with boats to the north of the island and one came with atleast 10 Cavalry. I can’t remember the third. But they only attacked us (blue) and therefore maybe were allies.
The interesting thing i can’t explain is that i am pretty shure the attacking horses were riding in formation like this:

I really hope someone can help me :smile:

Oh man, I remember this one too! I played it on Deathmatch a lot…I think it might’ve been included with the base game maybe? But you should look around the Heavengames forums for AoE, they have an extensive collection of maps up there.