Season 2 hype!

It’s 4am on the 12th of July. I’m halfway through my work shift and the Season 2 patch drops at some point today. I’m super excited to go home, sleep, and play some custom games the rest of the night.

Where’s all my hyped people at!?


Yes the hype is real :slight_smile:


I’m counting how many hours of work I have left… I wanna go home to play!


but we have no exact time? maybe in 7hours?


I have about 12hrs before I’m off work and get up from my sleeping. SURELY it’s out by then…right Relic :sweat_smile:

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For us in Australia it’ll drop at 13th July early morning. I am so hyped, coz for the first time all of delhi bugs will be fixed.

Is should be a universal time for everyone though right? Like, if it was 4/12 @3pm here in the US it’ll be the equivalent time on 4/13 there so everyone gets it at the same moment.

Yes everyone gets it at the same point in time. Which is why its 13th July for au/nz.


I’m mega hyped. Can’t wait for the landmark rushes to go away in team games, maybe people in the 1300 elo range will actually try another strategy now and we have some more diverse playstyles.


Kinda feel aoz for the aussies and kiwis.

I dont get why they dont stick to CET. (Central European time)

Then they could at least stick to the date.

Being night time down under and morning in the us of a.

And perfect time here in europe as i finish my job lel.

Not that it matters anyway since Home office is the latest trend.

What exactly should someone be hyped for? I mean they have done some balance changes just like they have done before every now and then. Season 2? What exactly is so much better than the normal ladder system we had month’s ago? Also with rams being nerved the actual game starts at castle age if noone goes for a TR. I don’t see how this can be something positive.


Several hours post-patch and it just feels exactly the same. If this was the breath of fresh air people were hoping would bring players back, well… it isn’t.

I’m sure those who have been loving the game will continue to do so which is great, but in my case I’ve been actually finding little annoyances here and there that weren’t there before, like the too-quickly-exhausted stone outcrops and bombard towers that no longer one-shot villagers.

I think shifting small things around like bombard damage, etc. helps keep games fresh. You don’t get stagnation in strategy. Bombards no longer oneshot vils? Great! What new things can we come up with? I never understood why people hate change so much.

This is not about hating changes in general. I’ve always appreciated the balance changes but I really do not see what their actual goal is anymore. It’s another huge list with balance changes all over the place. With rams being nerfed I don’t see a concept behind it because as of now you could as well start in castle age with more starting ressources + villagers. Rams were already quite risky, feudal aggression was quite risky with AoE4 already lacking “all in” strategies, and the vast majority of games were not decided in dark and feudal age. And now it is going to be even worse. There’s gonna be two decisions to be made in dark and feudal age and that’s do I go for a TR or turtle/boom until castle age. Combined with the circumstance that this game does offer very little micro it is just becoming more and more a disappointment for people who actually like to have options at every stage of the game.

I’ve seen some pro’s complaining and atleast beastyqt said he talked to the devs multiple times to also reduce the cost for rams but seems like it wasn’t successfull at all. And he’s not even your typical feudal age player, so that change probably even benefits his playstyle…
Overall there’s little complaints from the community as I see. If people prefer to play a first 10 minutes treaty mode game so be it. Combined with the lack of micro options I think that people will now more than ever get the feeling that it’s extremely repetitive very soon.

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i played a few games and i like… bye bye rushing thru the ages. Randy is buffed tho.

I do think they should reduce the cost of ramsm for sure, and I’m pretty much convinced it’ll happen. A lot of those types of changes came because all these brinze people complaining about getting rushed, with towers, archers, rams, etc. It’s pretty universal that low ELO players go hyper boom into deathball imperial, or tower rush them ff if they dontnwin at 10min. So that feels like who they were aiming at with some of these changes.

I think there are def more “all-in” options than people are willing to try, because booming is just such a safe option they don’t see a reason to branch out. What about an aggressive kremlin drop, into early knight? Optimal? Probably not, but all-ins are not really known for being super cost efficient.

I think these changes will mix things up a lot. They will def. Need some fine tuning over time, but with battle monks coming in, sieges changes requiring better micro on the defender to keep safe, and a lot of QOL fixes, things should be smoother, and open up new strategies over time as people learn to move past their old habits

I love the changes in this patch!

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Meh I just jumped in to get stomped 4 times in a row by 1-TC cav spammer frenchs. There is no point in playing like this, I guess i’ll have to wait another season.

Learn to defend man.

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Losing to French Royal Knights 4 times in a row means you should learn how to defend this hyper predictable, easily defended strategy. It doesn’t mean the game is bad…it means you are. :sweat_smile:

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