Season 2 Update Bug - Reload Drills not properly buffed


In the season 2 update patch notes, the Chinese unique upgrade Reload Drills was supposed to have been buffed from +25% attack speed to +33% attack speed. Based on my testing, it has not.

Here are two pictures taken from a singleplayer skirmish

Here you can see the reload time of bombards before and after Reload drills is researched. In the live patch, the research decreases the reload time of bombards to 4.19 sec. However, before the patch, the research decreased the reload time to 4.20 seconds. Thus it seems clear that there is either a tooltip bug or the technology has not been correctly buffed. Based on my play with the new bombard, I suspect the latter.

I ask that the dev team look at this and properly buff reload drills. I reported this bug on the Steam PUP forums a few weeks ago, but it appears that was not heeded

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Changes to Reload Drills are in discussion for the next update.