Season 5 broke HDR

Hey :slight_smile:
after the new season 5 update got released my HDR seems to be broken. i have an HDR1000 PC monitor and the slider for the HDR calibration tool was set on 50% before the update (which match both sides as per HDR calibration instruction inside the game) but now i noticed HDR colors are whacky, and i went inside the settings to check if my HDR calibration were reverted after the update, only to notice that the slider now do nothing at all… the left is grey regardless if the slider is all the way to 0 or 100%.

hopefully this will get looked into. as the game looks much better on a proper HDR monitor compared to SDR mode.

thx alot in advance.

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are you sure the whole HDR thing is broke or is just the slider broken? because when i flip the switch from HDR off to HDR on something does happen

Well i felt colors were off after the update (HDR on) so i went in to make sure my slider is still at 50% as it should for my monitor. and when i saw that the slider is doing nothing i knew smth is off. So yeah HDR still turns on if that what u mean… but the slider/colors are messed up (possibly cause of the slider).

when i slide the HDR slider to balance out the gray and white sides it dosnt do anything. I have a alienware QD-OLD monitor with 600-1000 nits of brightness in it. It was working fine before the patch. is anyone else facing the same issue?

Sorry you’re seeing this @tahska and @Bendy52. If it worked before, it should work now. There is a bug where it won’t work for certain monitors under a certain level of nits, but it shouldn’t apply here. If you could contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file, it would be really helpful. Thanks!