Season 5 pup preview!

We will see…

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Since the Mongols used Chinese engineers they should have it too.

When do the patch notes come up?

Team voice chat is amazing but i dont support more unique units and techs it will make game harder to balance.
For the devs who are reading this if you want to add new biome add it to only single player if the people likes you add it to the multiplayer.
Trade is also on the edge just the malian trade is busted so for other civs trade is not a big difference maker,i hope trade dont gets destroyed

With the PUP update. We are still waiting, there is nothing in betas right now

Should be there now!


“We suggest that you do not play against AI opponents during this PUP”

I’m sorry, what?

Great to see they are adding more flavor and variations to the shared unit types. Should be there at the beginning. There are already unique models for all civs so all you need is some stats tweaks.

The moment they entirely get rid of the “spiritual successor to AOE2” and very pvp-centric mindset, the game will become a truely memorable one.

Edit: BUT still not enough. There should be more infantry variants as well, and HRE.

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Agreed. Reading the PUP notes my first thought was “oh no, it’s the exact same unit but only renamed” but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they to behave differently now and as far as I can tell they were reskinned too. More of this please, devs! This is a step in the right direction!

Also, terrain looks way, way sharper now. This is massive coming from the blurry mess we had before. Just look at this beauty, it’s like a different game. I would love for those small rocks to have bump mapping though:

Sadly buildings still look like potato, but again, steps in the right direction.


They said in the patch Notes “terrain improvements” with new textures. I would ask" could we see the the same improvements also for the unit models and buildings?

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This is what i am most hyped for. Thank you devs!

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i played, nothing bad happens actually…

new graphics are super cool!


The improved specular does help I think, but it’d be nice to zoom in more to see better.

(I’ve always wanted more zoom in, for the record)

they improved unit materials, for example maa look like they have actual metal armour now, check it out

Basically, if they returned the cavalry to the Mongol but with a new unit

Great changes overall. I just hope the devs eventually change the design of the buildings to not look so disproportionate as it is today (or give an option for the ones that do not like how it is today).


Bravo to the devs. The updated visuals look so much better. It’s nice to see some actual detail in cliffs now.


I’ve got to say this is what I expected in 2021.


yes! i made a thread already about it looks soooo cool!