Season 5 pup preview!


The new preview for season 5 pup is out! What are your guys thoughts about this?


I am glad they listen to the community, lets see how much uniqueness they will put in the civs. If they make them really diverse in terms of strats and unit compositions I am coming to grind !


I’m also very curious how they will make the civilizations more unique but it feels good that they seem to listen to the community & try to address certain issues with the game.

I want them to announce a road map that also mentions the addition to new civilizations as I feel that’s something we all want to see by now. I know we got two civilizations not so long ago but still would be nice to see what will come in the future.

The new game mode sound interesting but will remain to be seen how much people will play it. Good that they keep coming with new game modes.

They also mention a few times that there is going to be graphical improvements, I wonder exactly what that means. Are we going to see animations to horse’s in stables or the chickens close to farms/houses etc or they mean something bigger than that?

I want them to add more Gia animals, apart from boar deer and sheep to keep it refreshing as well as random weather effects would be a nice touch to make the world feel more alive.

Also let me pick a random biome option already, I dislike that I have to pick every time which to play on, let me have the option for randomized biome.


because it will be that I feel that nothing is enough for you, I prophesy the new threads as proposing to make the jenissary invincible so that it is not necessary to produce crossbowmen and suggesting to equalize the damage of the streltsy; place your bets!

still doesnt understand what isnt enought for me but oh well


These were my cost suggestions on water, before any tech bonuses they may have, and it’s offset by production time.

and others

Why aren’t the PUP notes (patch notes in general) released BEFORE the actual build is playable??? Why must we spend active PUP/patch playable-time READING notes???

What’s the harm in letting us READ notes pre-lease of the build?


I’m hoping they go live when the download does. Even on fibre, that’s usually a few minutes to have a scroll!

(but yeah, more info earlier would be nicer)

我猜鄂圖曼會得到horse archer(看那群火雞哈士奇洗板很煩)



More diversity for the civs it’s always interesting, I’m excited for this one…


my only concern is the reaction to this. aoe 4 was meant to cater aoe 2 and dunno how many of them are still in the game or from other rts vs other aoes. We already know some of their reaction from experience and osme stereotype but as aoe 4 players they will accept the changes?

We will see…

20 chars

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Since the Mongols used Chinese engineers they should have it too.

When do the patch notes come up?

Team voice chat is amazing but i dont support more unique units and techs it will make game harder to balance.
For the devs who are reading this if you want to add new biome add it to only single player if the people likes you add it to the multiplayer.
Trade is also on the edge just the malian trade is busted so for other civs trade is not a big difference maker,i hope trade dont gets destroyed

With the PUP update. We are still waiting, there is nothing in betas right now

Should be there now!


“We suggest that you do not play against AI opponents during this PUP”

I’m sorry, what?

Great to see they are adding more flavor and variations to the shared unit types. Should be there at the beginning. There are already unique models for all civs so all you need is some stats tweaks.

The moment they entirely get rid of the “spiritual successor to AOE2” and very pvp-centric mindset, the game will become a truely memorable one.

Edit: BUT still not enough. There should be more infantry variants as well, and HRE.

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Agreed. Reading the PUP notes my first thought was “oh no, it’s the exact same unit but only renamed” but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they to behave differently now and as far as I can tell they were reskinned too. More of this please, devs! This is a step in the right direction!

Also, terrain looks way, way sharper now. This is massive coming from the blurry mess we had before. Just look at this beauty, it’s like a different game. I would love for those small rocks to have bump mapping though:

Sadly buildings still look like potato, but again, steps in the right direction.