Second hotfix (build 63727)

New hotfix just arrived:


Did they fix performance issue well? I couldn’t play AOE3de before patch cause it is very lag and stress for me.

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I improve a lot, but now the game closes every time I finish a game.


Thanks! Even the smallest updates for 3DE put a smile on my face :+1:t2:

Have a great weekend everybody! :zap: :sparkles:


hi, this new bug appears since 2nd hotfix :frowning_face:

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I am still on 40 FPS, and I think i have identified that its a CPU bottleneck, one core is stressed to the max while the other cores are not used so it looks like everything is underutilised


I wasn’t able to see my friends game, and whenever we were inviting each, it was getting host rejected.

Finally we joined same game hosted by someone else, and after that, we were able to join each others game.

finaly solved for me … 60fps again


Hi! Check this comment from the Steam thread, hopefully it can help you:

(Now that I’ve read another reply from you on other thread I think you are the same guy lol but still I’ll leave it up :D)

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That was also me lol, just found out about it after messing around with the settings

I can’t find it.

Haven’t had too much of a issue but I want it off anyway.

I think it might be laptops only, its in settings → general

Yeah it must be for laptops only. Thanks!