Secret jansiiary buffs

Ayo is it me or have they been scaling jans lately without telling anyone?

Last patch they apparently received an attack rate boost from 1.75 downs to 1.5s. This patch their hp got boosted to 130 or so.

Like devs, why the secrecy? This bizzare fumble of a unit is in need of buffs but whats the issue with just fixing it outright?

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Well, i think they actually need a bit of help, but i agree why secrecy if they just can announce it. Janissary buff is less absurd than adding 2 more rocket to NoB isn’t it?

Oh yea jans totally need help. Just really sus how they’re doing like some kind of back alley deal when there’s a whole thread AND youtube channel with live tests showing how much jans suck atm.


it is a bug they said they will fix it

Do you know if the increased attack rate is also a bug?

no their attack speed increased its happened at the patch before.

sadly it a bug :/, wished they give them a little buff they do suck

Agreee man, or atleast remove that 50% more ranged damage received thing