Secrets of the Alpha version of AoM by Modding AoM

I just now discovered this gem of a youtube video by ‘Modding AoM’ on youtube. He explains everything from the alpha version of the game and how big the game was supposed to become, and how many features and units were removed or simplified. Maybe this can also be some inspiration for AoM Retold:

I couldn’t find the video here so i thought i post it here.
Credits fully go to ‘Modding AoM’ for making this video! i wish he posted it here. So i hope i’m helping you people for also finding it now. I want you all to see it :slight_smile:

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Yes, a lot of the alpha can be used to expand Retold in the future…

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Games change heavily in the alpha stage of development as a rule (though “alpha” as a milestone is generally very different between studios, development teams, and so on, so this is hard to define with any real accuracy). It doesn’t mean that the game was supposed to become anything, and I respect that the video thumbnail phrases it differently.

Of course, the AoM alpha is from 2000 (the same year The Conquerors came out) and the beta is from 2001 (the same year SWGB came out)… in those 2 years many things changed, powers were eliminated, they were unified others and so on…