Seeing only straight buffs to Persians is disappointing

Receiving 5% faster TCs in dark age without losing or reducing the dark age bonuses (+50/50 free resources) can’t end well.

War Elephants were buffed, but nothing was done about the problem of EWE being too strong in game types where people can build up a full 130 EWE army.

In game types where someone can build up to a full 130 EWE army you also have people who can build up to 50 Siege Onagers + Halberdiers and EWE still die hard.

It’s the plentitude of other buffs they got in addition to the Dark Age bonus that makes them really scary I feel.


Persia is not that weak so it’s kinda strange that they just get buffs.
Not sure how final the changes are though, there is still 2 weeks until the release of the DLC.

I don’t know, Persians were relatively weak and perceived as such throughout DE, or at least as far as the statistics show it. They definitely needed a buff.

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They had the 5% bonus in Dark Age right after the release of DE and they were one of the strongest Civilisations because of it.
Now they get that back on top of a bunch of other new bonuses.

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Persians were always good on hybrid maps. And that’s weirdly enough that map type they benefit the most from the buffs.

I think in general specific for these maps the ########## of the dock bonus and early ressources is just too much given how snwobally water economy is And when Persians keep both they stay a balance nighmare cause they will always be strong on these hybrid maps but fall off on those where they can’t make use of this water eco.

And since DE released several other civs got buffs and new civs got introduced.