Seeing Opponents Civ in Hidden Civ Lobbies

Game Version: AoE2:DE

  • Build:
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Brisolyn

Issue: Seeing Opponents Civ in Hidden Civ Lobbies

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create Multiplayer Lobby
  2. Check Hidden Civilizations
  3. Select the same color as your opponent and you will be able to see their civ



Hi There - I don’t think anyone replied to this and it is still an issue occurring in lobbies.


This is obviously supposed to be like this and is not a problem/bug, since when you play Coop your mate has the same civ as you.
If you play with people who abuse it to spy you maybe should search for other mates.

Otherwise choose colour first and then pick civ.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the issue is that simple. This becomes a problem if you’re playing in a tournament with hidden civ settings and want to choose a color. Your opponent can see which civ you choose (inadvertently or not), ruining the element of surprise and allowing them to make a change. The only option in this case is to go random color, which does prevent this from happening. Additionally, there may be some folks who just don’t know that you can bypass hidden civ in this manner (as I did not until this was posted), leading to an unfair advantage for some.

I’m wondering if there might be a way to add in another setting that stops this from happening in a tournament, particularly given that we are seeing an uptick in competitively play.


Honestly, it makes no sense to make an update for these very rare cases.

The pros who play tournaments are aware of this and choose civs when colours are picked.
For the rest of us plebs this is not nessecary.

Yes, perhaps there can be a hidden civ, no coop lobby mode, where colors have to be unique (e.g. if someone takes player 6, you can’t take it). That would avoid this issue.