Seeking Clarification On Offline Lan, Seeing If Friends Are Online, Private Chats And Viewing Decks

Can someone from the dev team tell us if its realistic to expect to have offline Lan, having the old friends tab with online/offline status right by their names, being able to create private rooms chats with other players or being able to view detailed information and decks of other players outside of matches?

having to open a different menu to see the friends list rather than being visible by default as well as not being able to create private chat rooms and see if they are online has really hurt the ability to play with friends in particular.

I just want to know if its something I should look forward to seeing in the future or if there are no plans to do so. I haven’t seen anything to indicate one way or another and its been a year since release.

I understand if it hasn’t been addressed yet since as far as I can tell they haven’t been asked for in the forums, but they did exist in legacy and I used them a great deal and want clarification if there is any intention of adding them back. I don’t want to have hope where there is none and waste my time believing it will change.


also detailed match history page in player profiles linked to replays and showing other participants and their ranks like in other rts/moba games. is that something feasible and being looked at, or not something that is currently planned.

it may have not been in the original but it is something I want to know if I should have hope for or not in the future.

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wishing lobbies had pr back, causal rating is not a replacement or an equivalent and its hurting the unranked lobby system greatly. pr would also be nice for ranked too.

really hope a dev can pop in and say whether there its likely for any of these features to reappear.