Seems like we are getting for AoE4 the best case scenario

Seems like we are getting for AoE4 the best case scenario.

Best case scenario would be to see Relic make with AoE4, same as Blizzard did with Starcraft.
Simply pick up the game again and make it better, the way it should have naturally develop.

Gameplay wise, it looks quite good. We have the right time setting in middle ages, knights, siege weaponry, base build, workers and nice castles again.

The good things from Trailer

-unit finally can walk on walls, seriously its about time AoE does get this mechanic.
-we did see units walk in clear formations, not in those chaos blobs.
-factions look different, but share lot common units

The graphics style do quite good transit into the style AoE had over the years.

It was quite interesting to see the game in nice colours during summer day time.
To have there very clear depiction where the units are.

I wonder how they will make other maps, especially as Relic can make weather effects. Age of Empires has lot of map styles, so would be quite cool to see some more grim maps during winter like we have by Company of Heroes 2.

It will be quite interesting now to follow the game development, there is indeed now slight chance it might end good. The 2 years complete silence and their last flopped game did make quite bad mood.

Anyway, we have finally some good material to discuss ongoing development.


There isn’t gameplay there, only a prerender…

em, it is called gameplay trailer, so ?
well anyway I expected something way worse^^

You know what a gameplay is?

Hey dude, Microsoft does this a lot. This “gamplay” trailer looks more like a in-game cutscene than anything else. Or, a movie that was made in the editor at best. But Shanno Loftis said they play game like this every day, so strong indication that gameplay would be (the singleplayer with set events) will look like this.