Select all army hotkey (different options)

I believe the select all army hotkey needs some more options. First of all on hybrid maps it always selects the land military if you have one. A select all navy military would be very nice and a great addition for maps like nomad. That way you could fight easier on land and water at the same time. The second addition I would like to see is select all military except monks/or shift tasked units. I often produce a monk and shift click him to a relic, only to realize two minutes later after selcting all military when the monks stands between my archers and the relic is still sitting there. I would love those two options. I doesn´t have to be forced on anybody that does not use it. But for those who are interested, they could just add 2 more hotkeys to the long list.


I don’t mind either way really, I don’t like using any “Select all Military” hotkeys, it’s less precise than just control groups. I can see how some people might use it though, so why not?

My main problem with select all military is it selects my starting scout as well. I wish there was a way to exclude just the starting scout from select all military. The starting scout is different from other scouts because it is the only one with the auto scout feature.

Ok, I think that now this is kind of linking back to the thing I already suggested, to add a toggle on buildings, that excludes them from Select All hotkeys. This could then be applied to military and other units as well, so that you only select units you want to use.

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Starting scout should just be excluded from Select All Military by default or toggled on and off with some kind of Alt+ command or something

Yep feel your pain on all counts. I use that hotkey a lot. Sometimes I delete starting scout on hybrid/water maps so that select all military only selects naval units.

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Strongly agree, on nomad i often go water and its so easy to control my fires until i add land military