Select All (building type) Broken by Mongol Packed buildings

Version 5.0.12973.0

I use select all barracks, range, stable as my preferred way to quickly create new military from the appropriate building. However, this functionality breaks down while playing as the Mongols. If a building of that type is packed, then ONLY the packed buildings are selected. This makes it impossible to select the stationary structures currently functioning as producers to create more units.

I have also tested selecting all pastures and select all blacksmiths. These hotkeys also only select packed buildings if any of that type are packed. I would suggest testing this bug for “select all military buildings” as well as “all eco” and “all tech.”

To Reproduce the bug:

  1. Start a game in Imp Age with max resources
  2. Spam multiple barracks
  3. Pack on barracks
  4. Use the “select all barracks” hotkey
  5. Test other "select all (building type) to your heart’s content

This might not seem like the highest priority bug, but it is a one that absolutely breaks my ability to control the game in stressful moments. I use the select all hotkeys while I play as any civ, so it’s very ingrained in my muscle memory. When my base is pressured as Mongols and I start to move my buildings to more defensive positions, these hotkeys don’t select stationary buildings as intended, queue up units, and set a rally point. Instead, my packed buildings cancel their current destination and move towards the point I intended to be a rally point. The end result is that I have no units queued, unspent resources, and my damaged buildings running towards danger.

This bug is also especially brutal since building control groups break when buildings are packed and unpacked. So, the alternative method to control Mongol buildings is also inconsistent.

Thank you for reporting this @TV800m! I appreciate the extra detail as well. The team will check into it!