Select All Cavalry / Melee / Ranged Infantry / Siege

The new update introduced 4 new hotkeys for selecting all Cavalry / Melee / Ranged Infantry / Siege.
This is something I request in every game survey.
However, unfortunately it selects all units of a type on the entire map.

This is something that is completely unusable on at least somewhat competent level.
You have to be constantly managing multiple armies in different parts of the map, and selecting and giving commands to all the units on the entire map breaks everything.
Your units defending a location will leave their position and die.
Your harassment units will dive under a TC and die.
Your units patrolling a location will leave their position and leave you blind.

Please, implement the set of hotkeys for selecting Cavalry / Melee / Ranged Infantry / Siege on the SCREEN.

This would be an incredible quality of life feature.
Right now you have to constantly carry a burden of adding every ranged unit, every melee cavalry unit, every melee infantry unit, every anti-building siege unit, every anti-siege siege unit, into a dedicated control group to be able to actually control your units in battles without losing your units to their counters.
Instead of using control groups for managing armies, you have to spend all control groups your fingers can reach and your APM can allow on managing units in a single army.

This forces immense amount of pointless APM for no reason.
Just like we were forced to add every new production building and a TC to a dedicated control group before the production buildings hotkeys were introduced, but 100x times more often as you keep making units non stop the entire game.

Please, implement the hotkeys for selecting all units of a type on the screen.

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Well, at least there must be 2 armies, one attacking and the other defending, so select all the units, of one type, on the entire map, I think I would use it 1% of the time

Note: in water maps, I feel the need for more control groups :smiling_face_with_tear: