Select All Hotkey Questions

I have some questions related to hotkeys as they were in the beta/as they have been announced. As it stands, there is no “Select all Towncenters” hotkey and there are no hotkeys for “Select all Archery Ranges” (or other production buildings). What we have is F4 and F1 and I’m trying to figure out exactly how they work/how they can be used for efficient production.

The description for F4 is “Select all wonders, landmarks and capital towncenters”. Does this mean it only selects your original TC or does it select all TCs and landmarks, including non capital TCs? Also, some landmarks are capable of producing villagers (English King’s Palace) and I’d like to be able to press one key to queue up villagers evenly across all my TCs and Landmarks capable of producing villagers so that I don’t have to individually cycle through tcs or something along those likes. Manually creating a control group doesn’t seem like a big deal, but without a select all TCs hotkey and the fact that villager producing landmarks aren’t technically tcs, it seems awfully hard to quickly and efficiently create a control group that includes every building capable of producing villagers.

The same question applies to military buildings. In the stress test I could use F1 (select all military production) to make say longbowmen from both my council hall and archery ranges at the same time by just pressing q. However, once I made a different type of military production not capable of producing longbowmen, say barracks, longbowmen disappeared from the main page. If I tab over in order to make longbowmen, are both my ranges and my council hall still included in this production or do I have to find a way to do this manually (control group) ? Obviously I wouldn’t want to leave a building that produces longbowmen 100% faster out of my archer production. Same can be applied to French with School of Cavalry and stables etc. Even if I have to tab over to it once I add say a barracks, I want to be able to tab over to the next production type and create say Royal knights as French from all buildings capable or creating cavalry, as opposed going all over the map to add my individual stables, landmarks, keeps etc capable of producing a certain unit to a control group.

Basically what I am asking/what I want is to be able to use F4 and F1 (or whatever I end up setting them to) to efficiently create villager or military production from all buildings capable of doing so.
Anyway if anyone knows the answer to what I am asking or would like to share their method for how they made their production in the stress test without having “select all” hotkeys that would be great.

Will there be a disable production key at individual buildings? I don’t want my army to be produced at buildings at my base once I set up a foward base…

I doubt it, however, you can always just control group your forward production. Should be pretty easy if they are close to each other. Finding a way to group all of your production across the map seems to be more clunky than just grouping a small part.

Yeah, I get you can control group it… but… it makes the mechanic pointless… :roll_eyes:
IDK, seems really easy to have a on/off key at buildings.
We will see