Select all inactive villagers with a shortcut

maybe there is an option or mod for that, I still don´t know or the game misses that indeed:

Its a good feature to have a button for idle villagers, but especially in later stages of the game, Ioften have a bunch of them at once (gold mine runs empty, some famrs collaps the moment Ihave no wood, evading raids…).

Anytime that happens, I have to retask my villies one by one. In that situation, I miss a button/hotkey to select all idle villagers at once. Haveing that option would be so smooth - just select all lazy idles and send them to a wood camp or to a little mill and farm placement.

Is there a way to do that? And if no, should it be implemented?

Shift + . selects all idle villagers at once.

Look at the hotkeys, you can bind that!

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Ive bound my double click to select only idle vlls.