Select all military hotkey doesnt work properly without barracks

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  • Platform: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10
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When I play as Khmer I dont build a barracks when going scouts of course. So thats why it always happened to me with Khmer: When I have a stable but no barracks, and while I have selected a unit (here: my scout) the “select all military buildings” hotkey (for me: ALT+A) doesnt just select all military buildings but adds my selected unit on top of it. As soon as I build a barracks, that bug goes away afaik.
I have tested this again (today: 21.7.2020) after the patch to see if it is still there.

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Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. practice game against AI (havent tested it against players so far)
  2. chose Khmer
  3. standard scout rush BO without a barracks
  4. when you have a stable, select your starting scout and then press your “select all military buildings” hotkey. It doesnt just select your stable now, but selects your stable + scout instead.
  5. afaik you can select any other unit or building, it will always add the selected to your “all military buildings”-buildings. Thats how I even managed to screw my TC waypoint, because I’ve jumped from my TC to “select all military buildings”, right clicked where I wanted my scouts to gather, and then my villagers went there, too.

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on the first picture you can see my scout being selected. Then I press ALT+A which is my “select all military buildings” hotkey. On the next picture you can see how it added the stable to my scout, instead of only selecting the stable.