Select All Universities and Madrasas

PLEASE make the global hotkey for “Select All Universities” and “Select All Madrasas” the same button! I don’t want to have to remember different hotkeys for that building when playing Delhi/Abbasid vs. all the other civs. Makes no sense.


mb they should allow to have crossing hotkeys. but help yourself.

Make different profiles, profile_Delhi, profile_Abbasid. (5sec to reselect inside the game)

PS even in aoe2 (as example of QoL and hotkeys). Viper made second profile for Vikings.
or mb i’m wrong and it wont help.

Same thing for monasteries and mosques.

I disagree.
Different buildings call for individual hotkeys. It’s like saying you want to combine the lumber mills and stone mines on the same key.

Let’s say there is a mod that extends the Universities or Madrasas to where they behave differently. Now you have a problem because the game has something baked into it’s core for the same key.

If you open the game before typing, you would know to select all universities if it recognizes madrassas and select all monasteries if it recognizes mosques, what it doesn’t recognize are hunting lodge mills and ger

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Interesting. Then they should adjust the remapping hotkeys page to reflect that then. And of course, like you said, hunting cabins and mills should share the same hotkey, if they don’t already.