"Select all X building" type hotkeys should not re-focus your camera

Simply put as the title states, the hotkey function is to select the buildings, not focus your camera. So if I’m out microing a fight, but want to queue up a few units, pressing the select all military buildings hotkey, should NOT jump my camera back to the military buildings. It should only do what it states, select them. I re-map all my military buildings to a control group because of this, because the select all military buildings hotkey is unusable in it’s current state.


It’s not “unusable”. I use it all the time. But it is annoying to have the camera snap away when you don’t want it to. It should be single tap F1 to select, double tap F1 to center camera on it - past Relic games are like this (and most RTS) so not sure why it isn’t here.


If you’re a competitive player, it’s unusable because you need to build units while looking at the fight. If you’re a casual player, then yes, you’re correct “you can physically use it”. If you’re serious about competitive play, it’s unusable.

I agree with your fix.

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There is an option in Settings for “Find and cycle units and buildings”.
You can set it to either “Select and Center camera” or “Select Only”.If you use Select Only you can press the hotkey without losing your current screen.

After you have done this change you can still get to the buildings location when needed by pressing F5.

I have remapped F5 to one the extra mouse buttons for an easier reach. And I have remapped the rest of the F1-F4 keys to BNM, since the F keys are too far away.


Did u actually managed to remap the hotkeys to the extra mouse button. Cuz it didn’t recognised mine

Thanks for that, missed it on my first look-through. The single tap = select, double tap = select and camera center works for control grouped hotkeys only it seems. Still, I much prefer select only for the military buildings.

I use Razer synapse to remap my mouse. But if you do not have a Razer mouse you can use Autohotkey instead.

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Oh man, that is cool. I will definitely give a go at it.
You deserve a good cold beer for that, thanks!!

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Thanks for the tip! That’s what I was looking for. The centering of the camera when selecting all military buildings was bothering me aswell. I think it would be better if “Select Only” was the default.

use the select all keys for per building, select all barracks etc. no such issue there
this tip wouldn’t apply to launch day ofc, but now, with season 3, it absolutely does