Select Multiple Villagers via Shift + Cycle Lumberjack/Food/Gold

Can you add the functionality so by holding Shift + Cycle Lumberjack/Food/Gold, you would select all of the cycled units?

This would be a dream for executing tight build orders, when say you have 8 villagers huddled around the TC collecting sheep and want to be more precise to select X number of villagers to build your LM or switch to another resource.

Thanks to all the devs for their hard work and consideration!

Alternative Solution to this:::

Assign Cycle Villager and Add to Control group 1 to the same hotkey, then assign Select Control Group 1 and Remove All Units from Control Group 1 to the same hotkey. For example:

Cycle Villager Lumberjack = z
Add to Control group 1 = z

Select Control Group 1 = spacebar
Remove All Units from Control Group 1 = spacebar

This kind of trick is why the devs should seriously consider adding hotkey groups (10-20)…I have my 0-9 already maxed out for other things, so now I have to choose if I sacrifice a grouping for the trick above…