Selecting all wall foundations should not select all walls

I have done this before and I bet I am not alone:

  1. I place a long wall
  2. I realize the wall is a bad idea, and I want to delete the foundations before building them
  3. I double click a foundation to select all of them on screen, hit “shift+delete”, and “ok”
  4. Ooops, in addition to deleting my new wall, I just deleted all of my already-constructed walls.

The simple fix is to make the game consider foundations to be different from fully-constructed version of the same building. Deleting foundations is a lot more common than deleting already constructed buildings. And if for some weird reason you did want to delete all of your already-constructed buildings of a certain type in addition to all of the foundations, it would only be two extra clicks. A small price to pay to avoid game-ruining mistakes or a lot of individual clicks in a more common set of situations.

Devs changed the double-click behavior for herdables a few patches ago; please consider doing the same for walls and buildings!


Definitely! This also causes an issue for example when we select all rax and most of them are under construction. Many times it won’t let you train units at all because it thinks you’re trying to train out of the incomplete rax…

There’s literally no benefit i can think of for the game to select foundations and complete buildings simultaneously


It’s useful for the purpose of control groups and have points. neither of which apply to walls.


thats true, but did you mean rally points? you cant set them for foundations so you still need to set it once th building completes.

also i have a macro key for selecting all military buildings so i stopped putting any in control groups long ago.

but i would rather have foundations not added, than not being able to train troops because it thinks im trying to train from a foundation, but if they resolved that bug of course it wouldnt matter

If we could set rally points from unfinished buildings that would be dandy


yeah would be great!

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Especially when the game lays down a dumb L wall foundation and you have to do a quick delete to rebuild the walls. It’s very unlikely that you’d need to select foundations and built walls when the only function for double clicking walls is for deletion.


Great suggestion!

Would be very useful if its possible to add to the game.

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This would be helpful if you accidentally placed a bunch of wall foundations by mistake - to be able to delete them en masse (instead of selecting the entire wall structure with the un-built portion).

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Agreed but this makes me think more on this topic. Technically those 2 are different units (the complete and the incomplete). It was introduced by the FE team to make walls and gates have 0 armor during construction.

Just like selecting all herdables with a single click, and both types huskarls and tarkans in a single click, they programmed to make us select both type of walls in a single click too, which tbh doesn’t make sense.

Another point is of gates. There are 8 different types of gates, 4 in each direction with 2 types (complete and incomplete).

I do this too, but there are situations where you need control groups. For example, if you make a sneak base, forward production buildings, or production buildings in your ally’s’ base.

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