Selecting an army with trebuchet blocks hotkeys

Dear fellow players, dear dev team,

even if my low hours actually playing the game might suggest otherwise I enjoy pretty much all the new features in the game and use the updated mechanics to revisit some of the campaigns which made my childhood.

Nether the less, I do have a few minor complains about certain game mechanics. Some of those complains are inappropriate, as changes made to them most likely would be out of tune with the “classic” game experience, mostly regarding unit movement and fighting behaviour / stances.

One issue (at least an issue to me) however I encountered feels more like a bug then anything else, even if it is working as intended. Whenever I select multiple units and include a trebuchet the siege weapon gets priority in the unit cards. This means I can now only use hotkeys for this unit. Since they do not have an attack move, or other fairly basic orders, having a packed trebuchet with my army (not using control groups being assumed, of course) means to loose a lot of control.
Ordering said army then feels sluggish and slow.

Given how many other quality of life changes have been made I find this most perplexing.
If this is an error of some sort: consider it reported
If it is intended behaviour: how can I avoid it, expect with control groups? (I want to be able to draw a selection in the mid of battle spontanious, without having to deselect the trebuchets first)

Kind regards


If you are looking for milk you are going to look for it in the fridge… still a proper bug report should be done. I think this was the same as with Monks, Bombard Cannons, Mangonel line and Cannon Galleons, and now they are able to patrol, dont see why a Trebuchet should not.

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I totally agree, and rereading my post I can definitely see why you point out the need for a “real” bug report.

I guess, given how little time I have to actually play the game, I thought “Maybe I overlooked a toggle of sorts”, or something down the line. If so, I would assume the community to point it out to me.

Not knowing if it is a bug has clearly influenced my post. Nether the less, I will write a proper bug report when I have time for some testing, and then post again. Maybe it will be rejected as a bug report, which would be an answer also.

Yes, having trebuchets in selected units should not switch normal unit control buttons (attack-move, etc) with trebuchet-specific control buttons (pack/unpack). Trebuchets are usually controlled separately from other units in order to destroy buildings and only controlled with other units when moving, so normal unit control buttons should be displayed.

Exactly same logic applies to monks, for whom normal unit control buttons are already displayed when selected with other units, so same should happen to trebuchets.

> Monks
> Patrol

since when?

When monks are selected with other units, then patrol, etc control buttons will be displayed for monks, but have no effect for them. Same should happen for trebuchets (patrol makes no sense for them). Patrol, etc buttons should be displayed so they could be used for other units.